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// guitar/vocals


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Vocalists/guitarists Dom Di Lallo & Ben Hooper started working on a few song ideas just for fun in Sydney, Australia in January 2017. After relocating to Bristol, UK they turned things up a notch by teaming up with drummer Noah Kay in November the same year to develop the songs further. The line-up was complete when Sofia Truta joined on bass guitar in February 2018 & Amber Lights was born, performing their first gig a month later at The Fleece. They have since played a number of iconic venues in Bristol & London, cementing their presence within Bristol’s thriving live music scene // Drawing from influences spanning indie rock, post rock, ambient, psychedelic & acoustic genres, they have gained a reputation for blisteringly explosive live performances with stirring guitar melodies soaring over echo-laden textures & tight grooves // Their debut EP Synesthesia was released in January 2019 // There’s much in the pipeline over the coming months so watch this space for releases, videos, merchandise & of course live performances around Bristol, the south west, London & in various radio sessions


There’s a bit in the pilot episode of Twin Peaks about a yellow light meaning slow down, rather than speed up, and it feels doubly appropriate in describing the mood Amber Lights create with their particular brand of atmospheric indie. A bit like a clandestine rendezvous between Explosions in the Sky and some psychedelic guitar at the Roadhouse, with Thom Yorke popping over to say "hi".


Each of the 4 piece takes a turn at the mic, and there’s a shared comfort in the seemingly sad songs that feels like a big Bristolian group hug. But their sound is ultimately uplifting, and even occasionally joyful as their call to ‘GO!’ invites severe foot tapping, and uncontrollably enthusiastic head-nodding.


So, go slow, take your time, there’s no rush at all. Except to get some bloody tickets of course.

Emma Amato